Egypt Visa for US Citizens

Egypt Visa for US Citizens

Requirements for US Citizens

Requirements for an Egypt Visa for US Citizens

Valid passport


Egypt Visa for US Citizens
The most important thing to have is a passport that is signed, along with two copies of the personal information section of the passport. The requirements for a passport are:

– It Should be valid for at least Another six months

– It must have at least one blank visa page (this requirement Can’t be filled by acceptance and amendment pages)

– Not be damaged, torn, or frayed in any way


Egypt Visa for US Citizens

You also have to supply photographs. Upload photos for us and we’ll have it published to the exact specifications needed for a visa. Follow the instructions to upload pictures at:

Alternatively you may provide two color passport photos of your own that meet these criteria: they have to be taken within the last 3 months from an abysmal background and be printed on high quality photo paper; they have to be identical and be two inches by two inches in size; they need to offer a full frontal view of your mind with your head in the centre with a neutral facial expression. You’re not permitted to wear sunglasses or non-religious headwear in the photo. The photo shouldn’t be attached to the program and they shouldn’t have evidence of staples or adhesive tape.

Egypt Visa Application Form for US Citizens

You are required to provide the original visa form from this kit and a copy of it.

Include answers with every Area

Display your full name is it is shown on your passport

Be signed

Please specify the title of your employer in the “Other Info” box. If appropriate then use “Student” or “Retired” in lieu of a company.

Urgent Applications

If you are on a tight deadline and have an urgent care program then CIBTvisas will be able to help save you time and prevent an expensive delay. An expert from CIBTvisas will review your documents to confirm that the application is accurate and complete, ready to be submitted. We contact you to resolve mistakes to make certain that the application is properly submitted. Head over to to learn more about our urgent application support.

Visa Upon Arrival

Egypt Visa for US Citizens
It’s possible for your visa when arriving in Egypt. Visa restrictions and requirements are somewhat different when obtaining a visa upon arrival. Local immigration officials also have the right to deny entry to anyone for any reason. That is why we strongly recommend that you submit your application and receive your visa before leaving. If you would like to get your visa upon arrival then you’ve got to inquire with your chosen airline if you are allowed to board the plane with no visa. It’s prohibited to conduct business activity under a tourist visa.

Registration is Recommended

Egypt Visa for US Citizens
The U.S Senate Department urges that U.S citizens register with the in the country they are visiting. CIBTvisas are able to register you with the U.S Department of State for you to leave you feeling more secure about travelling internationally. Registering means that the in the country you’re travelling to know that you intend on traveling there and enrols you in the travel advisory and warnings programs of the State Department. You are able to enrol in this optional service by completing the registration form found in the kit and submit it to us together with all of your other documents.

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